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nazsquare17Our Behaviour Management Policy is based on a system of Rights, Responsibilities and Consequences.

Every person has the right to

  • feel safe
  • learn
  • be treated with respect

All members of the school community have responsibilities to uphold these rights, which are outlined in our Pastoral Care Policy. 

We have based many of our behaviour management procedures on the principles of Restorative Justice including:

  • respect and dignity for the person
  • building relationships
  • repairing and restoring relationships
  • focusing on the ‘deed’ and not the ‘doer’
  • collaborative problem solving
  • creating a sense of community
  • making every attempt to reintegrate students quickly

At times staff may need to refer specific problems to the Principal or Leadership Team.

The role of the Leadership Team is to share the responsibility of monitoring behaviour management in the classroom and playground, supporting teachers/students/parents and visiting classes.

Behaviour Support and Anti-Bullying Policy 2017