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nazsquare01At the commencement of each term a curriculum outline is forwarded to all parents/guardians.  Included within this outline are the term's focus areas, general expectations and important dates.

Parent Information evenings are held early in Term One to outline class procedures and student, class and stage expectations for the year ahead.

A variety of assessment tasks are used to ascertain your child's progress.  Some of these are recorded in your child's books.

Exercise books and workbooks containing annotated work samples are sent home each term.  Parents are invited to discuss the child's work positively, reflectively, and may offer written feedback within the child's workbook.

Formal Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled early in Term 2.  A formal written report is issued twice per year; once at the end of Term Two and a second report at the end of the year.  Interviews with teachers should be arranged by sending a written note to your child's teacher requesting an